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Differentiation Strategies for B2B Sales People

Become a trusted advisor, not just another faceless vendor
Presented by Farrell Reynolds

In the absence of difference, price becomes the sole criteria when making a purchasing decision. The mind wants to see everything as a commodity and it’s the sales person’s responsibility to position differentiation to win at the desired price. If you aren’t selling for the low price provider, learn how to effectively differentiate yourself or your competitors will win every time.

Farrell Reynolds, former President of Turner Broadcast Sales and Chairman of New World Communications group, helps sales people master the art of differentiation. With over 30 years building companies, Farrell teaches you how to stop being seen as a vendor and become a valued advisor. With these new skills, you will win more business…at higher prices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
• Become recognized as a trusted advisor by prospects and clients
• Get your ideas heard – and acted upon – by decision-makers
• Avoid the commodity trap and differentiate yourself to command a higher price
• Ask the right questions to create open and honest conversation
• Position yourself as a true client advocate who fights for the right solution