Mentoring, Strategizing, Succeeding


Through a series of focused seminars, lectures and classes, coupled with one-on-one executive strategizing programs, my clients  hone their skills and approach their tasks and careers more effectively and fearlessly. I worship more at the altar of substance than form. This approach  leaves me  able to mold my content to current corporate protocols. That said, the core of my message and instruction is always focused on elements of revenue generation through:

  • Use of Innovation and Idea-Based Selling Techniques
  • Developing and Maintaining Basic Sales Disciplines
  • Inculcation of the Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
  • The Art of Relationship Development
  • Building Successful Partnerships
  • Developing Personal Growth Programs
  • Application of Acquired Skills Within One’s Own Organization

Undiscovered Genius – The Undiscovered Genius program addresses the need for executives of every stripe to hone their communication skills so that they and their ideas and proposals can be differentiated, can stand out from the crowd.  Common sensical, innovative, street-smart and creative ideas get overlooked and lost in the modern, tech-fueled world of digital communication.  RFP’s have replaced face calls.  Intelligent needs analysis must be contained in a 140 character tweet.

Undiscovered Geniuses learn how to get the right audience with the right person and deliver the right message, one that serves all parties and establishes long-lasting and mutually beneficial  relationships and partnerships.

Conduit Concepts – Conduit Concepts is being created in order to provide an initial distribution outlet for the infinite amount of nutritive material that is stored within all of us. Its intent is to provide an atmosphere and environment that supports and promotes the notion that we are all capable of providing the most stunning of contributions to each other, and that these contributions can be made in a smart and funny and benign fashion.