Mentoring, Strategizing, Succeeding



My experiences include successfully/profitably leading large corporate organizations, mentoring/strategizing with individuals and companies, teaching college seniors the art and science of personal selling, writing and performing on stage .

The confluence of these activities with my thirty years experience in sales and executive management find me possessing a degree of knowledge and wisdom that has immense value and applicability in the twenty-first century business environment.

Through a series of focused seminars, lectures and classes, coupled with one-on-one executive strategizing programs, my clients  hone their skills and approach their tasks and careers more effectively and fearlessly. I worship more at the altar of substance than form. This approach  leaves me  able to mold my content to current corporate protocols. That said, the core of my message and instruction is always focused on elements of revenue generation through:

  • Developing and Maintaining Basic Sales Disciplines
  • Inculcation of the Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
  • Use of Innovation and Idea-Based Selling Techniques
  • The Art of Relationship Development
  • Building Successful Partnerships
  • Developing Personal Growth Programs
  • Application of Acquired Skills Within One’s Own Organization

My middle and senior management work is focused on developing and modeling leadership skills, managing change, developing and applying motivational as opposed to manipulative skills, and the development of competency-based strategies in an ever-changing and evolving environment.

At all levels of my organizational interaction I stress the need for creative intelligence. I believe creative intelligence and fearlessness are two of the most important elements in sustaining, nurturing and growing a vibrant and benign business organization. I also believe all of us have vast and untapped supplies of both. I strive to bring that realization out in my clients.